Monday, March 14, 2011

Some journaling prompts for today:

Outside my window... I'm at work...I don't have a window. But if I did, it would be overcast and rainy, so I will just pretend it is warm & sunny outside.
I am thinking... about In A Nutshell.
I am thankful for... for a job that I like.
From the kitchen... tuna noodle casserole leftovers - gotta make deviled eggs tonight though.
I am wearing... my burgundy sweater, hopefully for the last time this winter!
I am creating.. nothing; again, I am at work.
I am going... to send my sister a quick email.
I am reading... the latest Country Living magazine.
I am hoping... that In A Nutshell will bring in money instead of helping me spend it.
I am hearing...Every Little Breath She Takes by The Police, on the radio.
Around the house... evidence of having gone through a choir weekend - so things need to get in their places, & laundry needs done.
One of my favorite things...!
A few plans for the rest of the week... All-staff luncheon tomorrow, haircut, lunch with a friend on Friday, getting out in the nice weather that is supposed to come!!

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