Tuesday, November 13, 2007

May I have this dance?

Madison & I went to a local craft show on Sunday - it was OK - only bought one thing. It was in Evansville's old courthouse...4 levels of crafts in this historical building...Madison & I found this old big room that was empty. It has high ceilings, big windows, old beautiful architecture. We pretended we were at the ball & danced together. We didn't care who saw us or what people thought. It was so fun.

C = Creative

Well, I like to think that I am anyway. Scrapbooking has been that outlet for the last 6 years. In a major way!!! I've tried embroidery, sewing, & other things, but nothing ever hit me quite the way that scrapbooking has. I like to think that I am creative in my thinking too. Creative solutions within boundaries really jazz me. Whatever I am doing, I just know that creative outlets are a must for my sanity & well-being.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

B = Believer

Other than the obvious, and yes I am a believer of Jesus Christ as our Lord & Saviour...I like to believe in many things. I believe that although not perfect, that people are generally good people. I believe that we can make a change in the world. I believe that we are put here on earth for a short time with specific talents & purposes, but I believe those change over our life time. I believe in love. I believe in make-believe & the beauty of art. I choose to continue to believe these things when so many circumstances around us tell us otherwise.